2478 Square Feet Single Floor Traditional Home Design

    2478 Square Feet Single Floor Traditional Home Design

    General Details
    Total Area : 2478 Square Feet
    Total Bedrooms : 3
    Type : Single Floor
    Style : Traditional


    Ground Floor is designed in 2478 Square Feet
    Single floor homes are built with excellent extension designs in which the overall view makes one a heartthrob. A new single floor home design which is built in an are of 2478 square feet reclaims traditional style which also has been mixed with a contemporary touch. Being a draftsman, the designer maintains the design extra ordinary from all other designs seen through out.

    Apart from a traditional touch, the style we see is a fusion contemporary model which could be listed among new home designs. As the trend goes over, the designer has also maintained to establish new exterior and interior designs for their client. In an overall view the home belongs to a Kerala traditional home style mixed with up along with the specifications of the client for his dream.

    The new home design is designed with a number of 3 bedrooms that are built along with the combination of attached bathrooms. Though the area vasts up-to 2478 square feet, the designer have included a spacious living room and comparatively much to a cozy dining room. The interior of the home is designed with elegant and latest interior designs and materials which makes one impressive. Also the designer has included an open courtyard for the family where they could spend their memorable moments so far. With an incredible and space conservative kitchen the home design completes its finishing with an attached store room and a work area which looks impeccable.

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