3133 Square Feet Double Floor Contemporary Home Design

    3133 Square Feet Double Floor Contemporary Home Design

    General Details
    Total Area : 3133 Square Feet
    Total Bedrooms : 4
    Type : Double Floor
    Style : Contemporary


    Ground Floor is designed in 2050 Square Feet
    The vast area of 2050 square feet has been included with spacious living area as family living and a quite smaller formal living compared to the family living. The new home is designed and built with two bedrooms that have attached bathrooms in the ground floor. And the designer have included a dressing area for the master bedroom.

    Also there is a spacious and simply decorated dining room along with a courtyard that could make the section much prettier. In this ground floor section, the designer have added a prayer room according to the client’s wish in which the designer have made a better element with ablution to make it much useful and space conservative. When looked into the exterior, we could make a view with marvelous exterior design with dual car porch.

    Beyond all this designs, the most impeccable one is the interior of the kitchen in which the it is designed extra ordinary interior designs which look simple in a view.Also they have included an extra toilet attached for the servant. The space for the kitchen is much perfect with the work area attached to it.

    First Floor is designed in 1083 Square Feet
    In a long view of this new home design, the first floor completes the design which could convert the whole design impressive. As the first floor of the home design is designed in an area of 1083 square feet, there are two bedrooms along with the combination of attached bathrooms. Also the designer have included a spacious upper living for providing much comfortableness to the guests. Also the design of the balcony also impresses anyone and the view through out the balcony makes out the day so good. The contact of the designer is given below for further plan details.


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