720 Square Feet Single Floor Low Budget Home Design

>720 Square Feet Single Floor Low Budget Home Design
Home designing is which it is the total creative solution for the best programmed creation of attractive homes that are being inspired with latest designs. With all the credits to our crew members whoever had committed their immense work towards the new home design project “720 Square Feet Single Floor Low Budget Home Design” to furnish up a masterpiece among the series, we first of all, introduce the new home design with a number of 2 bedrooms with the combination of attached bathrooms and a common bathroom. This plan is a single floored which makes out a distinctive and unique design. Also it provides the best conceptual planning with aesthetic and technical solutions which are applied to achieve the desired result. The living and dining room are very well designed and the kitchen along with work area are really spacious. This plan is designed in a manner for the latest interior designs.
720 Square Feet Single Floor Low Budget Home Design

According to the designer, the design is well specified with the latest interior home designs which are mostly applied over the living and dining rooms to enrich the look of the beauty of the home design and also over the spacious kitchen which almost provide the entire home design more impressive. Describing the newly designed 720 square feet home, we can say that the home is too cost friendly which can be beard by middle class peoples.

As per the aspect of the designer, the design is estimated to be constructed in a traditional style which includes all the works of the home and none of any works will be remained yet to be finished. One of the major factor of this new home design is that the interior designs are made perfect for the family and every rooms are created with inbuilt shelves. Which in overall means the home is better for a budget home category. For further proceedings of your dream home construction, you can contact the designer from the below mentioned details.

General Details
Total Area : 720 Square Feet
Plot Area : 4.5 cents
Total Bedrooms : 2
Type : Single Floor
Style : Contemporary
Construction cost : 10 lac’s


Ground Floor
Number of Bedrooms : 2
Bathroom Attached : 1
Dining Room
Sit out
Common Toilet
Washing Area


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