Best 12 Ideas You Can Make Over In Bedroom Interior Designs

Best 12 Ideas You Can Make Over In Bedroom Interior Designs
Are your sheets and the decor of your bedroom as you would like? You can add some visual weight for spring and summer with these decorating ideas. Longer and warmer spring and summer days can be leveraged to refresh with a lighter touch in the dorms and rooms, pack up thick quilts and fleece blankets and replace with something more fresh and prettier – these 12 ideas will help you start.

1 Paint two color walls: carefully with adhesive tape on the lower part of the walls of your room. You can paint below the threshold with a soft blue sky, and the upper part with a gleaming white for a summery look next to the sea.

2 Hanging white curtains around the bed. You don’t need a four-poster bed to get the feel of one of them. You just need to hang sheer white curtains in tracks mounted on the ceiling around the bed.

3. Establish a cute porch to sleep. If you have a closed porch, why not give it a touch of bedroom? You can easily organize a couple of beds from end to end with a lamp of glass between them. Stretch Beach mats or carpets from natural fibres, and put it striped bedding. Once you have a porch to stay ready, you can find yourself using it to take a NAP, or just to sit and read a book in the afternoon.

4 Lighten with pieces of wood that are well ventilated. A modern grid wooden bench at the foot of the bed and a pendant of bamboo are lightweight visually, what makes a room look bigger – this is always a good idea! You can get these decorative elements with fabrics and woven baskets and wicker materials.

5 Painting something color chartreuse. He paints a nightstand with this color; the interior of your shelves or even a pot. A little chartreuse brings a lively spring ambiance to any space.

6 Used quilts light Kantha. Kantha is a type of stitching used to gather fragments of old fabrics to create beautiful new blankets, as the here. Mainly made in Bangladesh and the India, Kantha quilts now can be found in many large stores and sites such as These light duvets make ideal bedspreads in warm weather – a layer of more than one blanket in the cool evenings of spring and use it only during the hot days of summer.

7 Layer subtle, beautiful patterns on a single tone. Lavender is a beautiful choice for spring and summer on the bedding, and looks fresh and current against walls of crisp white planks. It’s mixing a print floral or botanical large scale with a geometric smaller letter and a solid, all in the same tone, for one to get polished appearance.

8 Paint a white dark sideboard. Dale to a chest of old wood, several coats of white paint. You’ll probably find that makes the whole room feel lighter and larger.

9 Add a mirror. It drives the light hanging a mirror in the room where the exterior view you can reflect. Vintage with a great way mirrors are often found.

10. Sheer fabrics with black. It achieves a balance between the masculine and the feminine with the pairing of light, painted textiles blue and white curtains with marked black accents. The diaphanous curtains, delicate stripes and lace-edged leaves, feel better with a bit of contrast.

11. Relax with a traditional piece. If you have an upholstered Chair or bench in the bedroom, it’s painted white frame and back to cover the seat in a light, with an elastic impression. Cabinets, commodes and bedside tables can also be completely transformed with paint and new controls. For a more daring look, choose a color as the Mint, Aqua, pink, or dark blue instead of white.

12 Sharpening room. The symmetry is key to making a guest room (or any room) look ultrasharp, regardless of budget. In the room that is shown here, it will get this effect matching headboards of bamboo and blue striped bedding in equal parts; they look chic and t-shirts. A silky curtain panel hung on the wall of the central table, breaks the dark wall extension. Tell us: would you do changes to your room based on the season? How are you planning to upgrade your bathrooms, bedrooms, or rooms in this spring and summer.

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